Friday, March 16, 2012

Vintage Bikes with Wicker Baskets

Our city has these old bikes that they mount in random places; they are always a nice surprise when you come across them. I saw this bike today at a community garden.  It's a beautiful reminder of the warm summer days of riding our bikes that is to come...hopefully soon!

Friday, March 9, 2012

The Simple Things

I've always attested that the simple things in life are after all the best things.  And lately, I've enjoyed a few of those things.  Let's start with these beautiful blue Hydrangeas.  Waking up next these on the night stand is really a treat, especially when you find them next to Susan Branch's The Summer Book.  They match perfectly.

Next, we have this Lollia bubble bath.  That's enough to make any girl smile (well...I think).

Moving on, we have these apothecary jars, who knew decanting things into these jars could be so joyful.  I've recently added this shelf in my bathroom just for these jars.

Oh and speaking of things in the bathroom, these mini orchids are perfect for the bathroom counter (especially when space is limited).

Right now, next to my bathroom sink I've got this red rose in this little vase and that helps to make doing the tedious things like brushing and washing your face less tedious and more pleasant.

I hope as the weather gets warmer I can start to do more simple things, like ride my bike, and go on a picnic.

What sorts of simple things have you been enjoying lately?

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