Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dragon's Egg

This is Lush's Dragon's Egg bath bomb.  I love citrus scents, so, I really like this one.  It's got lemon and bergamot oils (good for stress-relief)  in it.  Plus, it looks pretty cool whirling around in the tub.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mid-Winter Blues

I find myself buying a lot of flowers in the helps to brighten up the mood despite the cold and dreary that is on the outside.  To save money, I like to split up a single bouquet and place them in as many different rooms as possible.  So, you end up happy everywhere you go. 

Another thing to do in the winter is to take up winter sports. Such as, skating, skiing or do things that require the cold weather, such as building a snowman or tobogganing.  That, plus, a cup of coco can tide me over until spring arrives.  What are your favorite winter activities?

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