Monday, November 7, 2011

Organizing Winter Gear

The cold weather is coming. I needed a place to stash the hats, scarves, gloves etc. that I use daily in the winter.  But, I did not want to buy anything new, so, I looked around the house and found this metal bucket.

It seems to work well, but, I don't like the way it looks, especially, not in the front of the home.  So, I wrapped it with some yarn and cloth:

There you have it!  I hope, you too, can re-purpose something you've got in your home.

I've done a couple more buckets for the other members of my family.  Of course, the main reason I picked the buckets as an organizing tool was because we had enough for everyone in the family.  And I added tags to help everyone identify their own bucket.  

This set-up has worked extremely well this winter.  It has aided in keeping all the gear tidy and it makes everyone accountable for their own "mess."


  1. You're clever. I'd never have thought of that. Now it looks great and serves a purpose. Pat yourself on the back for me.

  2. Really cute remake!!! I think it goes better with you house now than as a Budweiser bottle holder. lol... I love this idea of having your winter clothes out and ready as you walk out the door. Love the post <3

  3. Such a cute idea! Love that each member has one, and that you used what you already had! Job well done my friend!



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