Wednesday, July 20, 2011

★ Maria Menounos ★

When I was in high school I'd see Maria Menounos in magazines and be amazed by her beauty and I also liked the fact that she came from humble roots.  I could relate to her on that part.

Once I came to the knowledge of her book, I'd planned on buying it.  My brother bought me Ms. Menounos' book, The EveryGirl's Guide to Life, in June.  I had told him that I've been thinking about buying it and he got it for me!  It's great to have an older brother like that.

Review:  I think, most of what she tells you, you will probably already know, but I found that she motivated me to get up and actually do those things.  Also, this book read more like, advice from a big sister.  She prides herself on getting things done on her own.  I like that quality in anyone.  Sometimes I felt as though she was bragging a bit, although, I guess it is expected a in a book about how she lives her life.  Surprisingly, there were a few grammatical and spelling errors (nothing major).  I liked how she offered cheaper alternatives where ever she could.  But, like she says, keep your mind in "possibility", when doing anything.  I think that advice holds true for when reading her book as well. Overall, it was refreshing to see how she lives her life especially since she takes a healthy, happy and heartfelt approach to living; and we can all benefit from that.

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