Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Vintage Chic

A few days ago, while at Home Depot and picking out paint colours for our basement, I came across Behr's "Vintage Chic" colors & pamphlet. 

It seemed to ring true to what I like...

It states that Vintage Chic is an, "...elegant, feminine approach [that] treats each room as a sanctuary, offering peace and senrenity and a reminder of earlier--and seemingly simpler eras."

Simpler times...yup I like that!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Before & After - Bathroom Cabinet

About a year ago, when we first moved to this house, I had a couple of trays and this shelving system that seemed work and everything was kept in order.  But, lately, things have gotten out of control and quite messy.

Since my favorite organizing tool is a wicker basket...this gave me an excuse to buy a few.  I found these baskets on sale at Wicker Emporium.

The Afters:

I've also changed the knobs recently...

I've tried to make use of every bit of shelving space:

@SweetWahines: The shelves, my dad bought them, so I asked him where he got them from...and since it's been over a year, he said it's from either The Home Depot or Walmart.  So, I searched "Under sink shelves" and found a few options for you:

From Bed Bath & Beyond: Two-Tier Expandable Under-the-Sink Shelf

From OrganizeIt.com: Under the Sink Storage Shelf

From TheContainerStore:  Bamboo Stacking Shelves
From Walmart: Made Smart Housewares Under Sink Shelf Organizer
I hope these help.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Few Thoughts...

I find that tall flowers (like these snapdragons) give an illusion of a full bouquet without actually having too many flowers because they have a dramatic presence in a room due to their height.

 This is yet another "After" of my light fixture {See "Before & After" post here}.  I've added some extra crystals and a purple ribbon.  The ribbon, I can change out throughout the year in accordance to my esthetics, which by the way, changes often.

I am currently looking for a convenient, organized, and pretty way to store my jewelery.  I have this jewelery stand plus a few other jewelery boxes but they are not working too well for me.  The above jewelery stand does not work because it's too pretty for me to cover up with all my jewelery.  So I just leave this on the dresser as a display on its own.  The jewelery boxes don't have enough space for everything and everything gets tangled and jumbled in there.  I will post my solution if and when I find one.  How do you keep your jewelery organized?

Thanks for reading my random thoughts! 

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