Sunday, May 1, 2011

Before and After

What I really wanted was a crystal chandelier for the bedroom.  But due to a lack of a substantial budget and my impatience I settled on the following light fixture.  I am happy with this light fixture though. It is prettier with the lights on.

Bedroom ceiling light Before:

Bedroom ceiling light After:

I've noticed the trend in design now is to meld together both contemporary and traditional features into a design. Here you've got the contemporary shape of the shade while the crystals and the pattern on the shade add a more traditional element. 

Now, I've got to work hard to earn some bamboo flooring.

P.S. Please excuse my current obsession with 


  1. What a pretty light fixture :) Looks great! Thanks for stopping by That Country Place earlier...

  2. It is pretty, and could work in either trad or modern homes.

  3. Really love it :}


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