Tuesday, November 9, 2010

~Basket of Goodies~

~Basket of Goodies~
How to create a unique gift basket:

  • 1.    Consider what the person does for fun or his/her favorite activity.
  • a.     Ex. Gardening, watching movies, traveling, health conscious buff.
  • b.     A book or magazine about this activity is one of the easiest ways to incorporate it into the gift basket.
  • 2.    What is the person’s favorite color? Keep this in mind when shopping for anything you’ll be putting in the basket. 
  • 3.    Put something in the gift basket which they have not tried/ seen before.
  • a.     Ex. A gadget, compressed towels that open in water (from Disney store).
  • 4.    Do come up with a theme…but don’t have to be limited by theme.
  • a.     Ex. Traveling, gardening, cooking, spa essentials.
  • 5.    For girly girls/ladies: put something pretty in the basket.
  • a.     Ex.  Snow globes, jewelry boxes which make music.
  • 6.    If you are limited by time/ money and don’t have “enough” gifts for the basket, consider asking others who are also getting a gift to present gifts together in the basket.  Later you can explain who got which gift.  This works best between closer family members.
  • 7.    Making a meaningful gift basket does take time to come up with…so start thinking about it early on.
  • 8.    Don’t expect your end “product” to look the way you imagined…but most of the time it will end up being better than you thought.
  • 9.    Ask person for a wish list.  Or ask someone who knows them well.
  • 10.                      Include a card.
  • 11.                      Include nature somehow: flowers, sprigs
  • 12.                      If they have a favorite animal, include a small version of it.
  • a.     Ex. Small stuffed monkey, or a dolphin ornament.
  • 13.                      Extra special: baby picture of their loved one or of themselves.
  • 14.                      Include a couple of chocolates.
  • 15.                      Include something practical—something they can use every day.
  • a.     Ex. key chains. If it’s winter: gloves, hats, scarves.
  • 16.                      Extra special: Something hand-made.
  • 17.                      Stick on appropriate stickers.

  This gift basket includes:
1.    Book: 501 Must-Visit Destinations
2.    Birthday card
3.    Couple of scarves
4.    Tommy perfume
5.    Couple of chocolates
6.    Hand-made tissue flower – Martha Stewart
7.    Small suit case with “travel-inspired” stickers
8.    Tim Horton’s gift cards
9.    Framed picture of recipient at a young age
10.                      Sprig of pine for fun!
Uses for gift baskets:
I think you can never have too many wicker baskets because they are great organizing tools.  You can put them in any cupboard, shelf, or closet and use them for storage.  Anything that comes in groupings can go into them: For example, magazines, crayons, ornaments.  I especially like ones with lids…hides any mess…from laundry to recycling.  But, open baskets without the handle are great for shelves. Enjoy your gift giving—the joy really comes in giving!

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